D.R.E.A.M.S. (Diversity, Respect, Ethics, Authoritativeness, Motivation, Support)


DIVERSITY: We want to be different and make our uniqueness a value.

RESPECT: We respect the rules, we respect our customers and partners, and we respect IMQ Intuity and our colleagues.

ETHICS: We help our customers and we do nothing to harm them in any way.

AUTHORITATIVENESS: we are competent and always will be.

MOTIVATION: We do the things we believe in and that we believe are useful.

SUPPORT: We help each other and together we help our customers.


Objectives of the Code of Ethics of IMQ Intuity


The objective of the Code of Ethics is to remind all employees of their fundamental rights and duties and the purpose for which the company was created. It is a guide that IMQ Intuity asks all collaborators to observe and respect in the performance of their professional activities. This code, which is a guarantee of reliability for the companies with which IMQ Intuity collaborates, is based on fairness, confidentiality, honesty, integrity and safeguarding, values on which IMQ Intuity develops its corporate policies.

The objectives that the Code of Ethics of IMQ Intuity aims to achieve are:

  • Identifying the principles of conduct for the recipients of this Code of Ethics.
  • Empowering the consignees, reinforcing the commitment and the awareness to behave as required by IMQ Intuity.
  • Clarifying the rules of business conduct outside of the traditional work context and in relation to customers, employees, partners, suppliers, institutions, and other stakeholders.

Also integrated into this Code of Ethics are the rules of ordinary diligence that are normally required of the employees.


Targets of the Code of Ethics of IMQ Intuity


The main recipients of this Code of Ethics are IMQ Intuity employees, shareholders, and directors, who must comply with the principles and rules of conduct set forth herein.

All addressees of the Code of Ethics are required to be familiar with it and to comply with its provisions, actively contributing to its dissemination and compliance, as long as they carry out activities for and on behalf of IMQ Intuity.

The Code of Ethics must also be respected by anyone who has a professional relationship with IMQ Intuity. The company does not intend to initiate or continue relationships with those who do not respect IMQ Intuity’s principles and values of behavior.


The code of Ethics of IMQ Intuity


  • Consider confidential and treat as such any information relating to client companies or connected to them, their business, persons, intellectual property and more generally any data not already clearly in the public domain, obtained in the course of carrying out activities.
  • Confidential information must not be stored or transferred to third parties without the consent of the customer or the owner of the information, except to the extent expressly stated in the contract of engagement. However, it is always forbidden to sell information obtained, regardless of the purpose.
  • Provide services in our areas of expertise by honestly declaring to the customer any limitations that may compromise the quality of the services offered or may not meet the customer’s manifest expectations.
  • Never use software or methods and processes that are illegal or unethical.
  • Use the customer’s properties only in the manner and to the extent previously agreed and authorized.
  • Promptly declare any conflicts of interest that may have repercussions of any kind on the client company or the persons directly or indirectly involved, or that may affect the quality of the services provided.
  • Make sure that each project is conducted in the best possible way by promoting quality and transparency regarding the risks identified, even outside the scope of the service.
  • Ensure that every service is performed in the best possible way without ethical compromises and without any prejudice.
  • Avoid any involvement in illegal activities directly or as an affiliate of groups engaged in illegal activities, including where the sole purpose is to promote or disseminate a culture of illegality. Every member of IMQ Intuity is required to follow this principle both in the company and in his or her private life.
  • Never brag about certifications or skills not possessed or use inappropriate or deceptive references or logos that could imply that you possess certifications or skills not acquired.




IMQ Intuity operates in absolute compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the countries where it carries out and delivers its activities.

In carrying out activities and relations of any kind, all the addressees of this regulation are required to diligently comply with laws in force, in addition to the Code of Ethics itself.