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“Security is not a technology challenge.
If it were, technology would have fixed the problems a long time ago. Security is a people challenge, a social and organizational challenge.
It’s a Cultural challenge.”

Our team

Giuliano Tomiazzo

Giuliano Tomiazzo Founder and CEO

He has lived the history of IT working for large corporate companies and System Integrators at managerial level. He has always been passionate to services rather than products. He embodies the word ‘hacker’ in its pure meaning, that is developing things and ideas to create something new.

Paolo Sardena

Paolo Sardena Founder and COO

He has been passionate and active in the CyberSecurity industry since the very first day of his working experience. Passion turned into obsession since CyberSecurity has become a social dimension. He loves technology as long as it is functional to people and not vice versa.

Davide  Baudanza

Davide Baudanza Founder and CTO

True lover of technology in all its forms, he has explored all aspects of the ICT from networking to security where he gained important experience working for big Italian businesses. Always in the right balance between web and deep web, between attack and defence, he is the right person to deeply understand issues and find the best solutions.

Edoardo Novello

Edoardo Novello Cyber Security Specialist

Eliana Cerato

Eliana Cerato Marketing Specialist

Valeria Maria D’Onghia

Valeria Maria D’Onghia OSINT Analyst

Elia Cavallaro

Elia Cavallaro Cyber Security Specialist

Riccardo Ferrero Regis

Riccardo Ferrero Regis Cyber Security Specialist

Elena Paccagnella

Elena Paccagnella Executive Assistant

Christian Tinello

Christian Tinello Cyber Security Specialist

Francesco Doppio

Francesco Doppio Cyber Security Specialist

Davide Santaniello

Davide Santaniello Cyber Security Specialist

Paolo Carretto

Paolo Carretto OSINT Analyst

Diego Cavestro

Diego Cavestro Cyber Security Specialist

Mauro Bagnani

Mauro Bagnani Sales Director

Solutions Partner

Netsparker, founded in 2009, develops a security scanner for web applications. The accurate scanning technology led to immediate success, with Netsparker now a recognized leader in web application security.

Netsparker is able to identify vulnerabilities in any type of modern, custom web application, regardless of the architecture or platform. After identifying a vulnerability, the Netsparker scanner generates an exploit test to determine if it is a false positive. Netsparker is available both as desktop software and as a cloud service. It is reliable and used by world-renowned organizations.

Headquartered in Boston, Rapid7 entered the cybersecurity market in 2000.

After the success of their vulnerability management solution NeXpose, in 2009 they acquired Metasploit, a de facto standard for penetration testing. In 2015 they acquired NTObjectives (now AppSpider), owner of an application security solution, as well as LogEntries, a fully cloud-based log management and analysis solution.

Rapid7 solutions help companies identify their exposure to risks and define a remediation plan based on the actual situation.

Rapid7 solutions are used by more than 3,500 companies in 78 countries and more than 30% of the companies on the Fortune 1000 list.

We believe that the right tools, together with an in-depth knowledge of the subject, guarantee excellent results. For this reason, we have chosen Rapid7 products for our vulnerability assessment and penetration test activities. The risk-based approach inherent in the Rapid7 product suite is perfectly in line with the IMQ Intuity approach.

In addition to using Rapid7’s tools for the provision of its services, IMQ Intuity is also an authorized reseller of Rapid7 solutions.

“Netwrix solutions maximize visibility into IT infrastructure changes and data access, wherever they happen.”

Increases Security
Netwrix eliminates network black holes and makes it easy to identify changes that do not meet corporate security policies, helping to detect suspicious activity and prevent information breaches.

Simplifies the Compliance Process
Netwrix provides the audit data necessary to demonstrate that the organization’s IT compliance program complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Legislative Decree 196/03, PCI, ISO 27001, HIPAA, COBIT, SOX and others.

Optimizes Operations
Netwrix automates auditing of manual changes and helps reduce the IT resources typically required to conduct manual searches through a variety of logs. The product provides accurate audit data for all parties interacting with your company.

Many computer breaches take advantage of inadequate management of user privileges. IMQ Intuity concentrates attention on this often-underestimated security area.

Recent cybercrime phenomena such as ransomware and recent legislation such as GDPR require us to pay close attention to who accesses company data, when, and why.

NETWRIX solutions perfectly meet this need.

LastPass is the solution from LogMeIn that allows you to manage your passwords simply and securely.

LastPass is a password manager that encrypts and decrypts your data at the device level and stores the information in your password safe where it remains secret – not even LastPass can access it as it’s not sent to their servers.

Simply create an account with an email address and enter a complex master password to generate your own unique local encryption key. LastPass is available in the browser and as a downloadable app so

it’s always at hand on your mobile devices. LastPass also incorporates a complex password generator for new login credentials.

ITsMine’s Beyond DLP™ is a data loss prevention solution protects organizations from internal and external threats. Using Artificial Intelligence and behavior analysis, the fully automated solution excludes false positives and protects end users.

ITsMine was founded in 2017 by a group of experts to offer a unique and proactive approach to data loss prevention (DLP).

IMQ Intuity, always looking for innovative solutions and approaches. In ITsMine it saw a solution for the protection of critical data from theft and tampering, whether intentional or accidental. While the classic approach to data loss prevention relies on bloated solutions of questionable effectiveness, ITsMine is based on a totally new paradigm that deeply integrates the human operator into the protection process.

KnowBe4 is the world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks.

Gartner has positioned KnowBe4 highest and furthest overall in the Leaders’ Quadrant for our ability to execute and our completeness of vision in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for the Security Awareness Computer-Based Training

KnowBe4 enables your employees to make smarter security decisions, every day.

Business Partner

ITI was founded in 2006 by a team of IT professionals and quickly specialized in innovative technologies for enterprise, healthcare, local authorities, public administration, universities and research organizations, banking, finance, insurance, IT, and telecommunications.

ITI Systems offers solutions in:

  • Data Communication: information transport and processing solutions; LAN/WAN, Wi-Fi, computer security and traffic management.
  • Software Solutions: programming and application development of Business Intelligence solutions including multilayer architectures, traditional and mobile platforms (tablet and smartphone), usability and accessibility (User Centered Design).
  • Project Management: analysis, risk assessment, planning, management, coordination, and team definition in accordance with business objectives.
  • IT Security: vulnerability analysis, design, and implementation of strong data security including confidentiality, integrity, availability, and reliability.
  • Training: on the job training for administrators and users, technology scouting, laboratories, PoC.

Errevi System is a fast-growing company, active in the ICT sector since 1997, operating through structured business units to provide:

  • web-based software solutions for business process management and collaboration.
  • specialist consultancy for data centers and ICT infrastructures, flanked by a wide range of managed services and cloud services.
  • cybersecurity consulting and solutions.
  • vocational training.

To date, the result is a fast-growing enterprise supporting some of the largest companies in northern and central Italy, with partnerships with the main global ICT players.

Founded in 1987, Wintech is one of the oldest system integrators with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various areas of the ICT sector, such as:

  • Social Collaboration & Mobility: the creation of a flexible organization that facilitates the performance of work in any scenario (smart working, mobility), ensuring usability and security
  • Digital Transformation: the adoption of digital technologies and solutions based on innovation in processes, organizations, and business models, essential for competitiveness in the market.
  • Security: Wintech’s cybersecurity solutions consist of cybersecurity awareness activities, assessment activities, and IT Security design and implementation activities such as perimeter security, data loss prevention, SIEM, disaster recovery, etc.
  • Video Communication & Streaming Events services: solutions for companies that focus on the quality of staff training
  • ERP and management applications: management, treasury, and business intelligence tools

Services offered by Servintek, for companies looking for business continuity solutions, are:

  • Design and analysis
    Both in the implementation phase of a new system and in the verification of an existing infrastructure, Servintek carries out an Assessment of the customer’s information systems.
  • Technical support
    24 out of 24, 365 days a year, Servintek’s key objectives are availability, flexibility, scalability and transparency for its customers.
  • Network Infrastructure Management
    Server, client / server systems, storage: after installation, control, monitoring and maintenance are required.
  • Data security
    It is necessary to ensure the security of company data from external threats from malicious people and from unpredictable situations.

Servintek boasts decades of experience, relying on certified technicians and innovative and reliable suppliers.

Servintek’s goal is to make data and resources available on an ongoing basis, aware that IT systems provide resources essential to the success of companies.

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