IMQ Intuity specializes in Cybersecurity.


It was created to address the fact that information security has now crossed the boundaries of ICT and expanded into the company as a whole, where every employee has their own personal security responsibility depending on their role.


IMQ Intuity proposes a different approach to cybersecurity, challenging the status-quo of technology as the solution to a problem that is more and more linked to human actions and the social context in which they take place. Recognizing that humans are at the center of the security challenge has led to what IMQ Intuity calls:
People Centric Security.

Our method

Red Team vs Blue Team

IMQ Intuity’s method of attack vs defense aims to activate a virtuous circle that exploits information derived from the RED TEAM service’s attack simulation activities to raise the level of corporate security. This leads to a deeper understanding of the problems and to the implementation of preventive and mitigation measures with help from the BLUE TEAM.

Red Team: Offensive Security

IMQ Intuity’s Red Team services help clients understand the vulnerabilities that affect them and what impact they can have on the business.


Simulated attacks lead to an understanding of the full extent of the problem resulting in the definition of effective corrective actions.

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Blue Team: Defensive Security

IMQ Intuity’s Blue Team services allow customers to increase their IT security in terms of technology, applications, and culture and to be compliant with current security standards and regulations.


They allow you to become fully aware of problems and how they impact your business so that you can manage all aspects of security proactively and implement an effective protection strategy.

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